MIAMI (CBS) – It sounds like something out of a horror movie but it’s a real case.

Police say Jerome Wright, 32, is accused of disemboweling the body of his girlfriend and then throwing away her internal organs in his mother’s kitchen garbage, which she threw out without knowing what was causing the awful smell inside her home.

The smell eventually got so bad his mother called police regarding the awful stench inside her home.

When police checked Jerome’s room, the police report states, they found what appeared to be “bodily fluids on a trash can and a mattress.” Then they found “the body of an unidentified deceased person concealed with several sheets and clothing, on the floor inside the closet of a room adjacent” to Jerome’s room.

When police questioned Jerome, he told investigators “whatever was in his room was not real”, “there was a life-size blow-up doll in the closet, and that the doll is made of flesh,” according to the police report.

He also claimed he hadn’t seen his girlfriend Deanna in five months and denied being in a relationship with her. However, police confirmed the body was indeed Deanna Clendinen. Her organs were found inside a trash bin in the back of the home.

It’s not known what caused her death. Autopsy results are pending. The police report states she was disemboweled after her death.


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