By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Built in 1877, the mansion along H Street has been home to only 13 governors, and for decades after it remained empty every Halloween.

“It was quiet and mothballed for decades, so now we’ve brought it back to life, and the kids come at Halloween,” said Gov. Jerry Brown.

The ghosts would have to make room for California’s first family. This Halloween, it was a chance to meet the governor.

“Trick or treat!” a young girl told the governor dressed as a witch cat.

Perhaps there were as many cameras as tricker treaters, but of course, everyone wanted in on this rare opportunity.

“I think it’s amazing and it’s unique to California. I think it’s great that the governor did this and opened up his house,” said Jamie Dixon with her young daughter.

It’s home to the governor, the First Lady, and of course Colusa, the four-legged pup dressed as Wonder Woman.

“She is not liking her costume at all,” Anne Gust Brown.

And not everyone dressed up.

“Everyone else dressed up but you,” laughed the First Lady pointing at her husband. “He’s dressed up as governor!”

“That’s quite a role,” the governor smirked.

But a role he said is important to share with the community.

“When I was a kid my favorite thing was getting lots of things to eat. Now it’s being able to open this house and let kids come by,” Brown said.

It’s a tradition he hopes is passed on through generations for trick-or-treaters in years to come.


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