10. Elementary Student Faces Prosecution, Suspension After Missing School To See Solar Eclipse

A Sacramento father took his son to see September’s solar eclipse in Oregon, skipping the first three days of school. His son’s school said the absences wouldn’t be excused and threatened further punishment for more unexcused absences.

9. Couple Married 75 Years Dies In Napa County Fire

Charles and Sara Rippey met in elementary school and were married for 75 years before a raging firestorm ripped through, taking both their lives. Their son says based on where they found his father’s body, he tried to get to his wife’s bedroom but never made it.

8. School District Defends Decision To Deny Student Lunch

Daniel Gearhart was outraged when his 11-year-old daughter came home hungry.

“To get up to the lunch line and have your lunch taken away from you because you didn’t have $3,” he said.

And all in front of your classmates. On Friday, Gearhart says it happened to his 6th-grade daughter, a student at Twelve Bridges Middle School in Lincoln.

“That kills you as a parent,” he said.

This is the latest example of a nationwide issue. In California, lawmakers are trying to prevent more cases of what’s called “lunch shaming.”

7. Severely Abused Dog Finds Forever Home

Korbin was the subject of one of the most severe cases of dog abuse the Placer County SPCA had ever seen. When he arrived, his skull was exposed from an apparent beating. Now, he’s got a new home and new owners. They’ve been married for 45 years, but Korbin is their first dog.

6. ATLAS FIRE: CHP Pilots Recall Rescues From Hellscape In First Hours Of Blaze

Helicopter video from the California Highway Patrol shows the Atlas Fire’s massive size, circling a Napa community and trapping people on Atlas Peak within its fire lines.

5. Sacramento Neighborhood Warned To Avoid Tap Water After Contamination

A Sacramento neighborhood was warned to not drink their tap water due to a possible contamination. The city still doesn’t know what was in the water.

4. Truckers Coordinate ‘Rolling Protest,’ Slowing Traffic On Highway 99

A disagreement over electronic logbooks pushed truckers to protest through California, leaving a line of traffic and delays on Highway 99.

3. Residents Ready To Arm Themselves After Crimes Targeting Asian Community

Robberies and home invasions in the Meadowview, Fruitridge, and Pocket neighborhoods have gone up in recent months, and some people are now arming themselves for protection.

2. Scientists Say Mind Still Works After Death, You Know You’re Dead

Here’s one to keep you up at night:  Studies at the University of Michigan have shown that there is a sudden burst of brain activity when the body dies.

1. Wildfires Ravage Northern California

A series of fires left devastation throughout California in one of the costliest disasters in state history, both in terms of monetary value and lives lost. In all, 43 people died in the fires that swept through wine country and beyond. Damage estimates are at around $3.3 billion and are expected to continue to climb.


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