By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — He’s the World Series Most Valuable Player and to many, he’s just as valuable off the field.

Houston Astros slugger George Springer has had a stutter in his speech since childhood. He’s been a champion for children and adults with the same speech disorder.

One of those individuals is Sacramento-area resident Mike Molino. The 24-year Navy veteran helps run a support group for people who stutter.

“I think the awareness that’s he’s bringing now is awesome. There isn’t enough of an awareness for those of us who do stutter in the communities,” Molino said.

He hopes Springer’s example will pave the way for a greater understanding and acceptance.

He goes on to say, “You could manage it (stuttering), but it’s so exhausting that many don’t.”

With Springer’s performance and post-game interviews this World Series shining in the spotlight, the hope is more people who stutter will gain a sense of pride and confidence.

To find resources on how to cope with stuttering, click here.


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