Every Friday on the Lo-Down, Damien Barling and I give you 5 storylines, players, teams, games, etc., to watch for in the upcoming weekend.  So here is my 5 for the weekend of November 3rd-5th.

1.  Bedlam in College Football

We already have our first top 4 in the BCS playoff rankings but look for more shakeups this week.  This week features a lot of intriguing matchups but also Bedlam which is Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State.  That game along with many other potential upsets are all over the card this week.  Expect more drama and debate after this Saturday.

2.  Khalil Tate

The Arizona quarterback is going off.  He has been amazing the last couple of weeks.  Over the last four games he has passed for an average of 185 yards per game with 6 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in that stretch.  He also has rushed for an average of 210 yards per game while scoring 8 touchdowns on the ground.  The win streak has included victories over UCLA, Colorado, Cal and Washington State.  This weekend USC gets their crack at trying to slow down Tate, good luck.

3.  The Curse of the Dance

Remember in week 2 when Marshawn Lynch had his impromptu dance on the Raiders sideline in front of Raider Nation in the home opener?  The silver and black were on their way to a dominant win and a 2-0 start.  The Jets were a joke and looked bad at 0-2.  Since the Raiders have won 1 game and lost 5.  The Jets have gone 4-3 since and surpassed most people’s expectations for the entire season.  Lets hope the Raiders can get back on track and that Marshawn can run well enough to feel like dancing on the sideline again.

4. The Quarterback Matchups This Week

The NFL has suffered from many high profile injuries this year and the quarterback position has been hit big time.  Just this week we will have a matchup of Tom Savage vs. Jacoby Brissett.  Also Drew Stanton vs. CJ Beathard.  Brock Osweiller will start for Denver and Brett Hundley will get another crack in Green Bay on Monday.  It is the reality but where have all the good quarterbacks gone?

5.  The Kings better show something

The Kings have been on a losing streak.  That isn’t fun but for the last three games it has been the way they are losing.  They have not threatened to win any of the last 3 games.  This team will be in Detroit on Saturday and I sure hope we see a team that has a chance to win in the 4th quarter.  The goals aren’t that unrealistic for this team.  Compete, put yourself in a situation where you have a chance to win, and play hard.  That is something we all need to see on Saturday.


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