NEVADA CITY (CBS13) — The foothills are getting some significant rainfall totals from this storm system

In Nevada City, as night fell, so did the rain.

People came out prepared for this first storm of the season.

Marsha Blair just moved here from Napa Valley where she watched wildfire destroy her community.

“Rain feels pretty precious right now; I have to say that,” Blair said. “As much as I love to see clear blue skies, let’s be realistic we do need the water.”

This light rain also arrived in Grass Valley, coating ash and debris from the wildfires.

The McCourtney Fire came within 200 yards from Cheryl and Ed Fisk’s home.

This first rain since that wildfire is a welcome one.

Warnings of possible flooding and mudslides in burn scar areas are not leading them to take any precautions.

“The rain that’s coming is a soaking rain, so that’s a lot better than a downpour with runoff,” Fisk said.

At Lefty’s restaurant in Nevada City, the rain did not keep hungry patrons away.

This is the restaurant that flooded three times last winter season—forcing it to close down.

“People ask about it every night they come in,” Lefty’s Manager James Potter said. “They ask about where did it flood, how deep was it.”

So far no problems from this foothill rainfall.

Just a small dose of what’s to come.


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