YUBA CITY (CBS13) — A suspect was shot after a pursuit in Yuba City that ended with a vehicle crashing into a house.

Yuba City Police and the Narcotics Enforcement Task Force were searching for a suspect wanted for a probation violation when they got a tip he was on Almond Street.

“I was just trying to back in and get out of their way!” said Brad Battley, who lives across the street.

He had just pulled up to his house when he saw the suspect’s car behind him.

“And as I was backing in, the car swerved, I think, to avoid me, and went right into the house over there and the police crews were right behind him.”

Police tried to pull him over in a marked car, but the driver fled, reportedly firing shots at the pursuing officers. The police department didn’t specify whether the pursuing vehicle was struck by gunfire.

The suspect’s vehicle crashed into a home on the 500 block of A Street, causing the suspect to flee on foot. Officers fired at the suspect, striking him an unknown number of times. His condition is also unknown.

“The cop yelled something at him and they started shooting at him!” Battley said.

Lt. Jim Runyen with Yuba City Police Department released a statement saying the driver had been hit during the gunfire and then transported to a nearby hospital. The officer first spotted the suspect nearly a mile away on Almond Street. Runyen said the suspect fired shots towards the officers during the pursuit.

“I heard a gunshot,” said Gary Waddell. “It sounded like a war!”

Waddell was in his backyard when he heard the sirens rushing down Cooper Avenue.

“I got scared, started to run in the house,” he said.  “I told everybody stay in the house!”

The department didn’t specify what the probation violation was, but NET-5 is focused on drug use, possession, manufacturing and sales.

A person inside the home on A Street suffered minor injuries.


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