Three men’s UCLA basketball players have reportedly been arrested for shoplifting in China.

One of those involved is LiAngelo Ball. Ball, Cody Riley & Jalen Hill were set to play Georgia Tech in China on Friday.

One source told ESPN that at around 8pm local time Tuesday, nearly 20 police officers showed up at the Hyatt Hangzhou to talk to both teams. Three basketball players for the Yellow Jackets were questioned and cleared.

After hours of questioning, the UCLA players left in a police vehicle at around 1 p.m. local time.

Georgia Tech released the following statement:

“During the questioning, it was determined that Georgia Tech student-athletes were not involved in the activities being investigated. They have resumed their scheduled activities in advance of Saturday’s season opener versus UCLA in Shanghai.”

We don’t know much on the developing story yet, but here are some of the top related tweets:

  1. There go the Chinese racial profiling. Racist everywhere you look now days.

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