After another week on NFL action it is time to rank the 5 best teams in the league and the 5 worst.  We have some changes this week on our list.

Top 5

5.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  The Steelers have a couple of weird losses but besides that they have been very strong.  The offense is strong the defense is playing better and they should have a good back half of the season.

4.  New England Patriots:  A major change on the defensive results has given a different outlook on the Patriots.  Brady and the boys are still strong offensively and now New England is starting to take shape.

3.  New Orleans Saints:  I love the 6 game winning streak but the Saints have done it with defense.  Yes, I used Saints and defense in the same sentence.  This team is already great offensively and now they can utilize a very improving defense to win too.

2.  Los Angeles Rams:  We have gone far enough into the season to realize that this team is for real.  The Rams can score and score some more.  They have confidence and look to be very dangerous going forward.

1. Philadelphia Eagles:  A complete team that is balanced and has the leading candidate for MVP in 2nd year quarterback Carson Wentz.  They acquired a good running back in Jay Ajayi to make them even more complete.  Fly Eagles fly.


Bottom 5

28.  Denver Broncos:  This team makes an appearance in the bottom 5 for now not being able to defend like they used to and because of very shaky quarterback play.

29.  Tampa Bay:  Poor offense and poor attitude.  I had huge hopes for this team but they have completely self destructed.

30.  New York Giants:  Speaking of self destructing.  This team in injured but that is no excuse for no effort. They are un-inspired and the results are hard to watch.

31.  San Francisco 49ers:  Time to play Jimmy G just to give everyone some hope for the future.  The struggle is real and the 49ers fans know it.

32.  Cleveland Browns:  This spot is owned by the Browns until proven otherwise.


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