SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — A mountain lion that was spotted in a San Francisco’s neighborhood has been shot with a tranquilizer gun by a Department of Fish and Wildlife warden.

Police, animal control and Department of Fish and Wildlife personnel responded to a report of a mountain lion sighting in San Francisco late Friday morning.

San Francisco police said the mountain lion was later seen early Friday afternoon near the intersection of Diamond and Duncan streets near the border of the Diamond Heights and Noe Valley neighborhoods.

The mountain lion was then seen crouching behind a tree in the backyard of a home near 5160 Diamond Heights Boulevard.

Police, officers from the San Francisco Animal Care and Control and the Department of Fish and Wildlife worked to capture the animal.

The mountain lion was shot with the tranquilizer shortly before 2 p.m.

So far, there is no word on where the Department of Fish and Wildlife will be taking the big cat.


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