SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Dozens of travelers missed their flights at Sacramento International Airport on Thursday, and long security lines are being blamed.

With the holiday season approaching, officials are warning things could get worse.

While newly enhanced security checks started a few weeks ago, officials say that’s only part of the problem. The bigger issues were people.

Several weeks ago, the Transportation Security Administration started requiring travelers take all electronics larger than a cellphone out of carry-on luggage. Airport officials advised passengers arrive a staggering two hours before their flights.

On Thursday morning travelers were greeted with long security lines that caused nearly 100 people to miss their flights.

Airport officials pushed blame away from the new security check procedures, saying it was a personnel shortage.

The long security lines like the ones on Thursday are only supposed to get worse with the holiday travel season approaching, especially in Terminal A where there is only room for five security checkpoints. Officials are looking at ways to make room for more lanes, but until then, they advise people arrive early.

  1. Tony Cygan says:

    So it’s still caused by security changes. if they increased examination times and did not increase personnel to compensate, then the cause is the changes. TSA has always had personnel shortages, so it should come as no surprise, but it’s still ridiculous.

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