SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — You could call her motivated. Call her competitive. Just don’t call Maiko Nelson old.

“When you like something, go for it,” said Nelson.

At 38 years young, the mother of two plays volleyball for Sacramento City College. Her opponents are roughly half her age.

“They move fast. The game is fast,” said Nelson.

The right-back position player has always had a love of the sport. Nelson played volleyball while attending high school in her native Japan.

That was when many of her teammates hadn’t even been born.

“There’s only so much time in the day and so many days in the week, and she manages to do it all,” said head coach Laurie Nash.

Nash says Maiko is a known hard worker and leads by example.

“She runs the fastest stadium run on our team. And she’s twice their age,” said Nash with a smile.

The mother, interior design student, and full-time teacher has many roles, but on the court, her position is a collegiate athlete.

“There’s an atmosphere of the game that you don’t feel in daily life,” said Nelson.


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