SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13) — Over the weekend, police had to deal with the largest car sideshow some say they’ve ever seen.

There were two sideshows a few hours apart late Saturday night. The first took place on Highway 50 near Stockton Boulevard, and the second was on the other side of town in south Sacramento. Video obtained by CBS13 shows dozens of drivers blocking part of Highway 50 with their hazard lights on to warn oncoming cars.

The video also shows several cars doing donuts, and at one point, narrowly missing onlookers.

“That’s crazy, I ain’t seen nothin’ like that.”

One man who saw the video says this is the biggest sideshow he’s ever seen, and he’s performed in them.

“It’s ballsy, it’s also kinda crafty, I don’t know how they stopped traffic like that,” he said.

Police say there were about 500 cars involved in the sideshow, with almost 1,000 people watching.

“I think all these guys should have gotten arrested,” said another man.

He says sideshows are dangerous and a nuisance to innocent drivers.

“I think I’d be very upset if I was one of those people in the car, it’s already bad enough with traffic,” the man added.

Fresh tire marks were evidence of another sideshow just South of Watt Avenue, hours after the first incident on Highway 50. Sacramento police say there were about 100 cars at the second show, and aren’t sure if the two are related.

The night ended with an impounded car and an arrest after one driver tried to race away from police. It was a night for officers who say they’ve never been called out to sideshows this big.

Police say they cited dozens of drivers. They say sideshow drivers can have their cars impounded for a month and have to pay thousands of dollars to get them back.

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    What is their reason for this illegal activity??? Not in your report, omitted on purpose ???

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