By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton organization is working to bring comfort to families affected by a devastating earthquake in that Mexico killed close to 200 people.

The group is teaming up with local businesses and an earthquake survivor. Her mission is to collect blankets and other items for people in her hometown who are now living in tents and dilapidated homes.

Yenderina Gutierrez Castro is one of the survivors of the devastating magnitude-7.1 earthquake that hit central Mexico almost two months ago.

“There are people in my hometown sleeping under trees and in the streets because their homes were destroyed,” said Castro.

Castro, who is a dentist in Mexico and the director of a nonprofit social service organization, feels her government isn’t doing much to assist families affected by the earthquake. So, she decided to take things in her hands by crossing the border.

I asked her if it was difficult to talk about the aftermath more than 2,000 miles away in places like Stockton.

“It’s very difficult. People outside our country don’t understand what we are going through and how we are now living,” she said.

The earthquake killed close to 200 people, destroyed dozens of buildings and damaged hundreds of other structures. Volunteers are collecting blankets and other items so they can be hand-delivered to the families who need them.

“The need is more visible. The human faces of the earthquake are now more visible, so that is impacting us and this is why we are giving a hand at least to make a little bit of difference,” said Luis Magana, director, Centro De La Cultura Campesina.

Centro de la Cultura Campesina is a group that works with farmworkers and their families throughout the Central Valley. Most have loved ones in the region damaged by the earthquake and want to do anything they can to help.

“We need to continue to watch what happens because we are neighbors, we are family, and there is no border to give our hearts to the needed people,” he said.

If you’re interested in donating blankets or clothes for families in Mexico, you can visit:

Sahuayo Plaza, 1020 S. Center St.

La Superior, Supermecado, 1536 Waterloo Rd.

La Superior, Supermecado, 3310 E. Main St.

The Convenant Church, 1282 E. Bianqui Rd.


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