By Steph Rodriguez

Bring out the inner gymnast in your child and visit one of these fun and interactive indoor play gyms in the Sacramento area. Bouncing, tumbling, climbing and playing around are all encouraged at these open play facilities where kids can truly be kids. Whether its climbing to the tippy top of the padded play structure, doing a cannon ball into a rainbow ball pit or bouncing up and down on trampolines under the careful watch of the play gym’s staff members, there is an activity or two for the active little one in your life. Plus, during the colder winter months, these indoor fun centers are the best remedy for restless toddlers to work out all that extra energy in a healthy way.

Wacky Tacky
7351 Galilee Road, Suite 160
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 783-3355

There is plenty of fun to be had at Wacky Tacky! At this indoor play center there are two different sections for toddlers and kids up to 18 years old. The toddler area is filled with fun activities such as a blow up slide that children can climb up and slide down and it also has a large ball pit with brightly colored plastic balls that little ones can toss around to their friends. There is also a multi-level climbing gym to test growing children’s abilities to climb and test their mobility in a safe and cushioned environment. Just across the way from the toddler area is where the bigger kids can go to let off a little steam. There is an area where kids can load these cool cannons with soft, squishy balls and shoot them into a central area before climbing through various obstacles like nets, plastic tubes and ending the course by sliding down a long, plastic slide with multiple seats for friends to go down at the same time. Call Wacky Tacky ahead of time to check availability because this place was voted the best place to have a Birthday party in 2016, so it does get busy with celebrations.

4422 Gateway Park Blvd., Suite 130
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 928-9766 

Every day is a party at Climbaroo or at least that what the staff at this lively center boasts! Whether it’s during independent play time or if a little one is celebrated his or her special day the hip-hop kangaroo is present at Climbaroo and enjoys leading kids in dances like the cha-cha slide or classic activities like the limbo where kids can test their flexibility. Climbaroo’s facility has many multi-level obstacle courses that have many plastic climbing tubes that will have you following your little hamster through every inch of this fun palace. For the little ones in your life, there are lots of big, cushioned shapes like circles, squares and more for them to push, tumble or climb over before hitting the long, twisty green slide that is sure to put a smile on any child’s face.

The Bounce Spot
2939 Promenade St.
West Sacramento, CA 95691
(916) 371-2FUN 

Bounce on over to the Bounce Spot to release all that extra energy that toddlers and older kids alike seem to have stored up for a rainy day. Speaking of rainy days, when it’s cold or wet outside this fall and winter season take the kids over to a place where jumping, playing and just plain having fun is encouraged. Here, children have the pick of the lot of large bouncy structures that resemble the standard bounce house to designs that are more like a long obstacle course. There is even an option for those celebrating a Birthday or special occasion to have a glow spot bounce party! There is even safe, Nerf Gun parties available with more than 20 Nerf Guns with plenty of squishy balls to shoot at the various cushioned pillars throughout the center, perfect for teens. The best part about the Bounce Spot has to be its multiple sports rooms that offers everything from basketball, jousting, soccer, volleyball and other fun sports all in a bouncy, fun environment.

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Tumble Buddies
1803 Tribute Road, Suite A
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 515-8018 

Bring out the inner gymnast in your child at Tumble Buddies! Here children ages 0 to 3 years old and 3 to 8 years old each learn at their own pace in their respective classes that include gymnastics, sign language, music, dancing, swinging, climbing, rides, puppet shows, and more. The staff takes pride in the cleanliness and safety of the Tumble Buddies center and each instructor understands that every child learns differently and at their own pace. There is also tap and ballet classes for those children who love to dance to upbeat music or gracefully float across the dance floor.

My Gym Elk Grove
8765 Center Park Way, Suite D-200
Elk Grove, CA 95823
(916) 681-0496

Fun and fitness starts at My Gym in Elk Grove. At this indoor children’s fitness center kids can enjoy a multitude of classes like the tiny tikes class open to babies 7 to 13 months old where parents are led through a variety of beginning stretches, exercises, infant songs and dances, baby-safe rides and adventures, balance and agility skills. With dozens of classes that cater to a variety of ages and growth stages My Gym Elk Grove is the ideal place to bring out the inner confidence in children of all ages. There is even Ninja Training for children ages 4 to 10 years old that includes a focus on developing strength, stamina, and agility in relays, conditioning exercises, games, team-building and, of course, obstacle courses that change every week. Kids will be challenged mentally and physically, while instilling a mindset of overcoming adversity both inside and outside of the gym.

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