By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 43-second video posted to Snapchat is going viral in what appears to be a Sacramento State freshman throwing back a bottle of Hennessy while driving.

“Things like that are super dangerous,” said Kassandra Hughey while walking on campus.

Students were horrified to hear the person who posted the video is a criminal justice major at their school.

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“Flabbergasted; that’s the biggest no-no, and to post it on social media is just dumb,” Hughey said.

The snaps continue with a time stamp showing the woman either driving or riding in the same car while drinking out of that bottle through several cities from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.

A still photo includes posted that night read, “Dn killed 2 bottles by myself” and another reads, “Tell me why I just spun out on the freeway and kept driving.”

The video began circulating when a friend saw it on Snap Chat, then added it to Facebook to warn others writing in part:

“To post it to social media like it’s cool, like it’s not a big deal is DISGUSTING! I hope this girl loses her license before she kills someone!” the woman wrote, who asked not to be identified.

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California Highway Patrol spokesman Chad Hertzell said it’s hard to press charges in a case like this.

“It’s complete disregard for people’s safety there. This is definitely a person that has not a thought in the world about anyone else, but herself,” he said.

He said it’s hard to prove a crime was actually committed, but calling 911 right away could’ve changed that.

“Time is of the essence in something like this. This person is putting a lot of lives in danger and we don’t want to see a person get seriously hurt or killed,” he said.

Because the young woman has not been charged, CBS13 has chosen not to reveal her identity.

The friend who posted the video as a warning also said she has received a lot of hate from the public, but said she stands by it, so do others.

“I think she’s actually being a good friend because in the long run maybe she’ll learn from her mistakes before something devastating happens,” said Hughey.


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