By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Jacob Gerving said when he signed the contract for a new house in Roseville’s Primrose development in 2015, the developer said they would build a par, a block away.

Now, more than two years later, the park was never built. Instead, homes surround a field of weeds. A large sign in front of the weeds still states “future neighborhood park.”

“We’re supposed to have lawn out here. There’s supposed to be a playground; supposed to be a place for kids to have fun,” said Gerving.

He showed us video of neighborhood kids playing in the streets.

One kid shouts, “Yeah. They told us a long time ago that there was gonna be a park.”

Gerving looks back to an email from a Pulte Homes sales representative before he bought the house in 2014, which stated, “4 neighborhood parks coming soon.”

Consumer Attorney Robert Buccola says “coming soon” should not mean years.

“The reasonable expectation of the purchase is some time shortly after they take occupancy of their home, if not before that park would be developed,” said Buccola.

We reached out to Pulte Homes in June. The company told us it was still awaiting city approval of its plans, but the city told us it just received them.

Tara Gee of Roseville Park Planning and Development says it is a process, “We’re working as quickly as we can.”

The ball was put back in Pulte Homes’ court in early September to make some changes, but now it says the updated cost estimate for the park exceeded the available budget, so now they are looking to trim.

The city says with the rainy season fast approaching, it looks like the project won’t break ground before spring.

That left Gerving upset.

“I kind of feel like they’re trying to leave us high and dry on it,” he said.

Buying a house comes with a lot of paperwork. If you are promised something, and it is important to you, you might want to make sure it is clear on the contract, stating a specific timeframe.

Gerving’s home may be worth more if there was a park in his neighborhood. Attorney Buccola says they could sue for lost home value.


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