By Angela Greenwood

ELK GROVE, Calif. (CBS13) — A family pit bull in Elk Grove is dead, after being shot by police following multiple attacks in one neighborhood on Tuesday night.

Police say it was a dangerous situation as the pit bull ran around the neighborhood, attacking at least three people, and say their only option was to shoot the dog.

He’s described as a playful and sweet dog.

“He was one of those pit bulls that you could use a pillow to sleep with,” said an unidentified roommate of the dog’s owner.

But on Tuesday night, Slowpoke was quick to attack.

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“There’s the puncture wound right there,” said Darren Sissom.

He says it happened around 9:45 p.m. as he was walking to his car when Slowpoke ran into his driveway and latched onto his leg.

“A big about 100-pound white pit bull charged at me,” said Sissom, “I had to reach down and punch him in the nose to get him to let go.”

Slowpoke started to run away, so Sissom — who was already on the phone with 911 — got into his car and followed the dog to a park nearby, where Slowpoke charged at two men sitting on a bench and started attacking one of them.

“He was screaming to get the dog off of him,” said Sissom.

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Elk Grove police say three people in total were bit by the dog, and when officers arrived, they were equipped with a beanbag shotgun, a taser, and a dog catching tool. But when they located Slowpoke, officers say the dog posed a threat.

“The dog came out of a bush between two houses and charged directly at one of the officers,” said Elk Grove Police Department spokesperson Chris Trim.

The officer opened fire and killed Slowpoke.

“The patrol sergeant had no other means of escape,” said Trim.

Sissom says the owner of the dog was on scene following the incident but showed no remorse. In an interview with CBS13 Wednesday, one of the owner’s roommates said Slowpoke had slipped from his leash during a walk and that the attack was completely out of his character.

“Our dog was just never like that normally, so again, we apologize sincerely.”

Police say the owner of the dog will likely receive a citation from animal control. They also say they’re concerned about rabies, but claim the owner has not shown proof of the dog’s vaccination records. The dog bite victims will have to wait about a week to find out if they’re at any risk.

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  1. Dennis Baker says:

    Definition of a pit bull attack: “He’s described as a playful and sweet dog.

    “He was one of those pit bulls that you could use a pillow to sleep with,” said an unidentified roommate of the dog’s owner.

    But on Tuesday night, Slowpoke was quick to attack.” And the owners are S u r p r i s e d!!

    1. John Zolis says:

      100 pound pit bull give your head a shake – Misidentified dog yet again and the tin foil hat wearing DBO cult members claim every dog attack is a pit bull because a man who was nipped said it to be so ! Idjits the lot of you

  2. Utterly worthless breed. They should be banned across the nation. I’m so sick of lunatic pit bull advocates standing in the way of public safety.

    1. Utterly worthless bigoted comment – You are a misinformed closed minded bigot! Standing in the way of public safety LOL 4.5 million dog bites a year 900,000 require medical attention
      Furthermore bigot –
      Great Pyrenees, dachshunds Collies,Beagles, Jack Russell Terriers, Dogo’s, Gerberian Shepsky’s, Golden Retrievers, German Sheprador, German Sheprador’s, Saint Bernards, Alaskan Malamutes, Bull Dogs, Cane Coroso’s, Doberman Pinschers, Great Danes, Australian Cattle Dog (38 egregious bodily harms and a death)
      Labrador Retriever, Chows, Boxers, Akita’s, Siberian huskies, German Shepherds, and Rotties have all been responsible for human deaths
      Considering that there are 900,000 dog bites that require medical attention (by all dogs breeds) reported each year I think you should reevaluate your position on the breed!

  3. RIP baby… too bad that cops don’t know how to deal with animals.

  4. Again shoddy journalism misidentifying a breed to increase viewership nothing more all dogs who attack are naturally pit bulls right? Give your closed minded bigoted head a shake 4.5 million dog bites reported annually, 900k require medical attention yet news outlets only report the breed when a “pit is named – Funny how that is specially considering that *pit isn’t a breed! but a group of dogs coined by media to raise fear and hysteria

  5. The owner’s friend identified it as a pit bull, She lived with the dog, do you suppose she knew what breed it was?

    ““He was one of those pit bulls that you could use a pillow to sleep with,” said an unidentified roommate of the dog’s owner.”

  6. What pit bull owners and advocates contribute to society: name-calling, accusations of discrimination, and smokescreens.
    If pit bulls were safe animals, there would be science to back it up, but their strongest arguments are “media hysteria,” “pit isn’t a breed,” and “you’re bigots.”
    Genius commenting above says 900k bites require medical attention. Yeah, I was bitten once, and I went to the doctor and got a tetanus shot. I didn’t lose any body parts, my face isn’t horribly disfigured, and I’m still alive. Obviously it wasn’t a pit bull.

  7. Obviously, even by what was said about the owner, he wasn’t cared for too well. It’s not the dog’s fault. I really wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the owner was originally from Banta.

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