By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Police Department says it’s closing its investigation into an assemblyman over sexual misconduct allegations.

A Sacramento Police spokesman says claims of sexual assault are “unsubstantiated, and a crime never occurred.”

But at the Capitol, the Assembly Rules Committee is still investigating whether the Assemblyman Devon Mathis engaged in sexual acts with a staffer.

It started when a conservative blogger wrote about an alleged incident involving Mathis. He claims he spoke to two sources who say there was a “late night of drinking with legislative staffers … which ended with the assemblyman sexually assaulting a drunk unconscious staffer.”

But the victim has not yet come forward.

The blogger went on the record with CBS13 and we asked if he had ever met the alleged victim he cited in his blog that made the claims.

“I did not speak with her and I, I know where she’s at,” said Joseph Turner with American Children First, an online blog.

Turner admitted to not knowing Mathis or ever contacting him citing he was told the information second hand.

“My source was told by staff members OF Devon Mathis that this took place,” he said.

Mathis says, there is no victim, and the police decision to close the investigation is further proof of that.

Mathis issued the following statement:

“These allegations were false and politically motivated. I chose to wait it out to protect the innocent women my political adversaries were willing to jeopardize the reputations of, but I knew the truth would prevail.”

Mathis is now the third California lawmaker who’s been accused of sexual misconduct since October when hundreds of women signed a published letter exposing sexual harassment and abuse in state politics.


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