SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento Police officer fired a shot in a North Sacramento neighborhood after a stolen car pursuit.

No person was hit, but police say a dog may have been struck by a bullet. Police say the incident began when officers chased a group of suspects who they believe were driving a stolen car.

Police say suspects led them on a pursuit before abandoning the car in North Sacramento near Eleanor and Branch. Police say an officer fired a shot from their gun at a dog that charged at the officer and nobody was struck by the gunshot.

The dog wasn’t struck by the shot, but neighbors were angry and believed police fired their weapon at what they describe as young teenagers.

“They shot at some innocent kids,” said one resident who asked not to be identified. “They might have made a mistake. Who knows what happened. But it still doesn’t give them no right to shoot at innocent kids. Or whatever they did. They could have tasered them.”

According to Sacramento Police sergeant Bryce Heinlein, the occupants of a vehicle being pursued by Police bailed out of the vehicle and during the foot chase, the shot was fired.

A 14-year-old boy on scene says he was detained by police while they were searching for the suspects. He says he was placed in handcuffs and was held for 20 minutes before being released.

A police helicopter flew over the same for several hours searching for a suspect. The helicopter used a loudspeaker to Warren residence and pass out a description. The suspect is described as a Black or Hispanic male with a thin build wearing blue jeans. Police urged everyone to stay inside because K-9 units were out on the streets and they didn’t want residents bitten by the police dog. The shooting remains under investigation.

This story is developing, check back for more details as they become available.

  1. Dillon Lewis says:

    we were outside during this incident its very clear the police shot at leat 4 times at some 10 or 11 year olds joy riding the whole story never comes out when the police are in the wrong

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