By Angela Musallam

NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) — Forced out by Hurricane Harvey, one family is moving again after a fire at a North Highlands hotel.

The fire started around 10 a.m. Sunday at the Courtyard Inn on Orange Grove Avenue. Fire investigators are now on the hunt for the arsonist.

“I was just worried about getting my kids out, cause we already came out of Harvey,” said DeAundrea Hubbert.

Hubbert already escaped from Hurricane Harvey just three months ago.

“Everything we had there was yea, destroyed,” said Hubbert.

Now she and her family have to find another place to stay. Hubbert’s hotel room was damaged after Sunday morning’s fire.

The few belongings the family took from Houston were partly destroyed.

“I told my mom ‘put your shoes on!’ Then we started running,” said one of Hubbert’s young sons.

Hubbert says she and her children ran outside after seeing smoke in their room, only to find out the unit above them was up in flames.

“I can’t win,” said Hubbert.

“The smoke was all in our eyes we couldn’t see, we had to run down in our draws,” said Victor Wilson.

Wilson was sleeping in the room next door. He says it all happened so fast, but he remembers hearing noises coming from the unit next door moments before smoke poured into his room.

“We just heard screaming and scuffling,” Wilson added.

Firefighters contained the flames inside the one unit, although at least half a dozen other rooms were also damaged.

“The sheriff’s office certainly helped with getting people out, and that helped us go straight to fighting the fire,” said Sacramento Metro Fire Captain Chris Vestal.

According to Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies, no one had checked into the burned unit – but there were signs of forced entry.

As cleanup begins, Hubbert and her family must move again.

“I can’t take no more, I can tell you that,” Hubbert said.

Hotel management is moving Hubbert and her family to another room for now. She says she’s still trying to figure out how to bring her family back home to Houston.


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