SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Regional Transit is the one being taken for a ride on this night, by a computer hacker.

That hacker forced RT to halt its operating systems that take credit card payments, and assigns buses and trains to their routes.

The local transit agency alerted federal agents following an attack on their computers that riders may not have noticed Monday.

“We actually had the hackers get into our system, and systematically start erasing programs and data,” Deputy General Manager Mark Lonergan.

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Inside RT’s headquarters, computer systems were taken down after the hacker deleted 30 million files.

The hacker also demanded a ransom in bitcoin, and a left a message on the RT website reading “I’m sorry to modify the home page, I’m good hacker, I just want to help you fix these vulnerability.”

Bitcoin has risen sharply in the last year from around $1,000 in December to more than $8,000 on Monday.

Ryan Eldridge is the founder of the company called “Nerds on Call.”

“I would say they’re probably young, because they just want to show off,” Eldridge said.

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Eldridge says the hacker will likely find an online forum to take credit for the hack, and that they may not be local.

“The person who hacked it may have simply had an exploit that he was running in the background on his machine, and then got a hit, ‘Hey RT is available to be hacked,'” Eldridge said.

RT claims it managed through the trouble, without a significant slow down for riders, and that no employee or customer identities were stolen.

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  1. Awesome! I wish these hackers would do the same to the IRS.

  2. Bruce Barr says:

    They have a Windows 2012 server touching the web. How did they not expect to get hacked. IDIOTS.

    1. Really? What noobs are they hiring these days!?

  3. Henry Schook says:

    driverless cars..tyhat’s gonna be a hoot.hack a hack

  4. Joe Roberts says:

    These are not “computer hackers” They are Cyber Criminals! The media is clueless as usual.

  5. What Did The 30 Million Files Consist Of?

  6. What would REALLY make this story great is that if the hacker was an illegal alien living in a sancturay city 🙂

  7. ‘and that no employee or customer identities were stolen.’ Sure.

  8. dlethe says:

    30 MM files deleted?? I hope criminal charges are made against their IT team who didn’t back up data.

  9. Bob LeGlob says:

    Please wreck all of the federal government’s files. IRS, NSA, CIA, all of it.

  10. Brian Moore says:

    Hackers are the new rock stars! Check out this prolific hacker hackerinthegrey(@) Dude has mad skills. Hit him up, whatever it is that you need.

  11. Bitcoin hackers??? Please! What’s not being said is that some idiot either used a personal pc, surfing the web or opened an infected email and triggered the whole problem. And, of course, they have terrible security surrounding the site. So they throw out a smoke screen “hackers”.


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