MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Home surveillance video appears to show a child attempting to steal a package from the front porch of a home.

Marysville police are investigating the case where a child around 5 years old tried to pick up a package left on the porch of a Marysville home.

We have blurred the child to protect her identity.

Surveillance video shows the package as it was delivered at around noon on Monday.

A driver delivers the package at the Marysville home.

Minutes later, a green Volvo station wagon pulls up to the home and lets the little girl out of the car.

A green Volvo is sought in an attempted package theft.

The girl makes her way to the front porch of the home and picks up the package, but before she can leave the porch, the homeowner steps outside.

A little girl makes her way to the front porch. We have blurred her to protect her identity.

He looked at the Volvo and exchanges words with the driver of the vehicle. During this time, the girl makes her way back to the car.

The girl, in the lower right corner of the photo appears to grab the package, but is interrupted by the homeowner.

After the girl gets in the car and tries to close the door, the driver attempts to take off multiple times before someone else in the car secures the girl’s door and they drive away.


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