SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento Police Department says they’ve completed their investigation into an altercation between an officer and alleged jaywalker.

The incident happened back on April 10. A Sacramento police officer tried to stop a person suspected of jaywalking near Cypress Street and Grand Avenue when an altercation broke out.

Police say the suspect wouldn’t follow the officer’s orders. In a video posted to social media, the officer can be seen taking the suspect to the ground and arresting him.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office did not pursue charges against either the officer or pedestrian, noting “it was not reasonably likely a jury would convict either the officer or the pedestrian of a criminal offense related to this incident.”

After their administrative review, the Sacramento Police Department says the officer involved is now working on a modified duty assignment while he gets some training. Any proposed discipline of the officer is sealed by law, the department says.

The department does say that, moving forward, a comprehensive review of use of force policy and training will be conducted.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg released the following statement after the conclusion of the review:

“Transparency is key to building public trust but the prohibition of any public disclosure in this decision undermines that transparency and rightfully frustrates our community. While I have a real issue with this limitation, I do trust and respect the process, our Police Department and Chief Hahn. This is a difficult situation for everyone involved and I have full faith in Chief Hahn’s commitment to serving as transparently and faithfully as possible to bridge and balance the trust between our community and officers. I applaud his leadership in putting together a diverse group to evaluate our department’s Use of Force training and look forward to working with him and the community to increase transparency, accountability and improved outcomes for our community.”


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