By Lemor Abrams

WOODLAND (CBS13) — His kitchen was raided by roof thieves.

Morgan’s On Main executive chef John Gamboni says thieves scaled a wall in the back to access the restaurant’s roof, likely targeting the metal box covering the building’s air-conditioning unit, where they cut a hole and jumped down.

They headed straight for the expensive stuff.

“Electronics, iPads, iPhones, a handful of lobster tails,” he said. “They have good taste,” said Gamboni.

And a big appetite.

He says the thieves made off with enough lobster tails to feed a beast. But apparently, they weren’t satisfied.

“I mean it’s been one thing after another. It’s very demoralizing,” said Woodland City Councilman Tom Stallard.

He owns two buildings on Main Street where businesses are the targets, he says.

In a matter of weeks, thieves broke into eight of them, including a paint shop and hair salon, where again, they got in through the roof.
“They climbed down in and stomped out all of the air and ductwork,” said Stallard.

Stallard is teaming up with Woodland Police and business owners to install better surveillance and 24-hour lighting.

But back on Main, patrons say the brazen burglary spree won’t stop them from visiting their quaint downtown.

“Woodland’s a good town, we come down here quite a bit,” said Jim Sternberg.

John says lobster’s off the menu for now. And, he remains on guard.

“It seems like the population of whatever criminals are coming up as fast as the level of the town is,” he said.

As for the investigation, police are still looking for leads.

Anyone with information is urged to call Woodland Police.


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