By Jennifer McGraw

LODI (CBS13) – A story beyond the call of duty, police received a 911 call for a non-emergency they just couldn’t say no to.
"She was looking for a ride," said Officer Will Hinton with Lodi PD.

But to Rose Roderick it was an emergency. She was about to miss Thanksgiving and anniversary with her husband.

"He's been the love of my life for 34 years now," she said.

Julian was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Every day she rides the bus to see him, but on holidays there's no service.

"We were going nuts and we were all stressed out because we didn't know how she was going to get there," said a friend that lives in her building.

"I couldn't sleep last night and I thought, is this really going to happen?" Rose said.

Officer Hinton said they made the decision, this was a call police had to answer.

"They called and said we are going to pick you up in about 10 minutes," she said.

While not under the best of circumstances, Rose said it meant the world to have each other.

"For them who would want to do something like that for me because I know it could be the last year for me," Rose added.

Flushed with emotion, she is thankful for today and hopes we all remember to cherish these moments.

"Just be thankful because you never know from one day to the next if they're going to be there," she said.

Police officers who responded to the call were just glad to be of service.

"It felt really good to help them out. I think it meant a lot to them," Officer Hinton said.


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