By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Seven smiling siblings are just enjoying their Thanksgiving morning, savoring this moment of calm, after weeks of weathering quite the storm.

On Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey ripped through Texas. Two days before, DeAundrea Hubbert packed up her seven kids and hit the road for Sacramento.

Days later, she learned her home had been destroyed.

Since then she’s been staying in North Highlands at the Courtyard Inn. But a Sunday morning fire forced the family out of their room.

“I told my momma put your shoes on and then we started running!” said one of her children.

Emilio Castillo runs Amazing Limousines of Sacramento. He learned about Hubbert’s story from a CBS13 viewer and decided he wanted to help.

“It’s all about family, everybody giving back to everybody, being there for each other,” Castillo said. “Even for the people we don’t know.”

He offered decked out transportation for the family of eight – and paid for a two-night stay at the Residence Inn.

Hubbert is now overwhelmed with gratitude, saying she didn’t want anyone to think she was looking for a handout.

“I’m a hard worker and I don’t take advantage of things,” Hubbert said.

Still, she says she’s happy to have a room and an oven on this holiday and to be able to teach her kids what The Day of Thanks is all about.

“You should value your family and be thankful,” Hubbert said.

The viewer who first saw the story and told Castillo about the situation says she grew up with a single mom and couldn’t imagine being one of those kids with nowhere to turn on Thanksgiving.

As for Hubbert, she still trying to land on her feet and find a way to give her kids as much stability as she can.


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