By Steve Large

People who live in Napa are coming together this Thanksgiving following the destructive and deadly Atlas fire.

Some who lost everything, spent Thanksgiving with neighbors who’s homes survived.

“We care about each other,” Napa homeowner Kathy Simmons said. “We came together to celebrate Thanksgiving and we’re here to help each other.”

The Simmons family in Napa hosted Thanksgiving at their home, still standing after the Atlas fire. Eight of their neighbor’s homes are destroyed.

As the sun set on this day of reflection, the colorful backdrop stood in stark contrast to the blacked debris from their neighbors parcels.

The debris is a constant reminder of what they all survived.

“There’s still a hint of fire, this long past,” Adam Simmons said.

“What really got to me today, is my neighbors here came up,” Dave Simmons said.

Simmons hosted Thanksgiving for thirty, including neighbors who’s homes were destroyed, and who now live in a trailer, in the Simmons front yard.

Dave Simmons says this year he’s especially grateful to be surrounded by the people in this Napa community.

“Our neighbors who lost their places who are here with us now, our neighbors that didn’t come but we talked to today,” Dave Simmons said.

A terrifying wildfire that tore through Napa.

Destroying homes, revealing this neighborhood’s strength.

“It’s really tough,” Dave Simmons said. “Until you’re in this situation you cant say anything about it.”

“I think we’re doing good,” Kathy Simmons said. ” We came together as a community, and as neighbors.”


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