By Tony Lopez

Orangevale (CBS) – Firefighters from throughout the Sacramento region are pulling together for the family of a colleague who lost his battle with cancer.

Timothy Anderson, a Sacramento County Airport Firefighter, died in April from a rare form of cancer that affects just 2 out of a million people.

Six months later, his widow, Lacey, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As a show of solidarity and inspired by a campaign started by the Andersons’ young son, Mason, the “Brave the Shave” campaign is gaining steam.

Mason tells us, “So when our Mom explained that she was gonna have to lose her hair I thought–well–why can’t we go through it too–I mean I didn’t want her to feel left out.”

Firefighters, friends, and family all jumped on board to shave their heads as Lacey begins her second round of chemotherapy.

Lacey says it’s important to show her children the difference between their father’s rare type of cancer and her very beatable breast cancer.

That’s why she embraced Mason’s challenge.

She tells us, “The first thing that came to mind when talking about that was having a party and having everybody come out and shave their heads and so that’s what we took and we ran with that.”

And ran with it, they did.

From fire station to fire station and friend to friend.

Lacey knows she will win this battle.


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