By Angela Musallam

WOODLAND (CBS13) — Cyber Monday is probably a good incentive to get you shopping online, but chances are you’re doing it on any other day.

One Woodland shop is trying to break that habit by getting customers to shop local and in-person.

The owner of Tack Warehouse on Main Street is turning to big incentives to draw customers in, and get them to join the movement of shopping local.

Owning a small shop in downtown Woodland has been a life-long dream for Brenda Cedarblade.

But the past decade has been tough, as many of her clients began turning to Amazon.

“They would actually take their phone out and scan the box, we’d ask what they were doing and they’d say ‘Oh, well we are ordering online,’”  Cedarblade said.

Cedarblade’s business began to drop. She cut down on her staff just to make ends meet.

“It made me very angry, it got to the point where it took all the fun out of being a small shop,” Cedarblade added.

Cedarblade decided to turn her business around. About two years ago, she created an online group called “Support Your Independent Tack Stores”.

“The bigger cause behind the movement is to get the consumers thinking ‘Hey, let’s go to our downtown and spend our money,’” Cedarblade noted.

Raffles, shopping sprees and product giveaways are just some things Cedarblade is using to entice customers to ditch the web.

“We wanna create a value and an experience in our store,” she said.

Some consumers say they prefer a more intimate shopping experience.

“You’re not just one more person, they’re friends they become friends with you,” said Kimberly Dawley.

Others say they’d rather do it with a click of a button.

“It’s convenient, I can do it from my phone, when I’m waiting for my daughter to get out of school, anywhere I go I can just pull up my phone and go to Amazon,” said Kristie Sanfilippo.

Either way, Cedarblade says she’s determined to put a new spin on local shopping, attracting new clients with steals they can’t pass up.

“Starting off the christmas season I feel really positive,” Cedarblade added.

This was the biggest Black Friday for Cedarblade since she launched her online group. She hopes to have even more foot traffic next weekend for her in-store giveaway. Click here for more information on the event:



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