By Steve Large

TURLOCK (CBS13) – A surveillance camera captured the moment a teenage girl, home alone and hiding during a break-in at her house, comes face-to-face with the burglar.

That burglar opened a closet door and found the girl.

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She was on the phone with 911. The camera captured the first glimpse of the suspect walking across the lawn, before ringing the doorbell.

A dog starts barking, and after several minutes with no answer, you can hear the man kicking in the front door.

For the next five minutes, he ransacked the home. The surveillance camera recorded his conversation on the phone with a getaway driver, asking to “park the car.”

All this as a 13-year-old girl was inside a closet hiding.

Before leaving, he opened the closet door and the two came face to face – the moment terrifying the teen. The surveillance camera captured her shrieking, as he yelled back.

The girl’s mom wrote on Facebook:

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“After filling his bag he flung the closet door open and saw her. She screamed and tried to punch him. He grabbed her wrist and yelled at her.”

Following her parents’ rules, she hadn’t answered the door because she didn’t recognize the man. She went into the closet to hide and was on the phone with 9-1-1 when the suspect found her.

Neighbors are in disbelief.

“And that the girl fought back, that was pretty awesome,” Neighbor Ann Marie Moe said.

“After that we’ve decided to we’re going to put a gate in front of our front door,” Neighbor Tony Borba said. “We’re going to put an iron gate just because of this.”

The surveillance video shows the man running from the house to his awaiting getaway.

A two-door white sedan, possibly a Honda Accord.

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Now, Turlock police need help to solve this break-in turned heart-pounding survival story.