STOCKTON (CBS13) – Three fire trucks from Stockton have been sent down south across the border to help communities in Mexico.

The City of Stockton and the fire department donated the surplus fire engines to sister city, Emplame.

The three engines were not in the department’s fleet.

Instead, they have been on reserve over the last year.

The fire trucks served the department for twenty years.

The engines will be added to the three vehicles Stockton had donated to Emplame in the past, bringing that city’s fleet to six.

“For us, this is a way of sharing our culture, sharing our resources with our sister cities, as a Latino and a Mexican myself, this is very important to me to be here and see the exchange because those people need resources,“ said Jesus Andrade, Stockton City Councilmember, District 6.

Members of Emplame’s fire department are driving the engines from Stockton to across the border in a road trip, they say could take 24 hours.


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