By Steve Large

DAVIS (CBS13) — This weekend a Davis woman will race in the California International Marathon more than a year after she was hit by a truck while on a training run.

She suffered severe injuries and was then stunned when the police report found her at fault.

After the violent collision that left her with a fractured skull, this year’s training was especially tough.

Deb Westergaard and her husband decided to run the CIM together.

“Major abrasions–I still have scars,” Deb Westergaard said. “I had a hole in my head.”

Westergaard was hit by a truck. Now she’s heading back to the starting line.

“It definitely symbolizes empowerment,” Westergaard said.

Police dash cam video shows the scene immediately following the crash. Westergaard was thrown 25 feet after the impact.

The driver of the truck stopped and called 9-1-1. The collision report found Westergaard caused the collision, citing a witness who reported she ran into the crosswalk unsafely.

“It truly adds insult to injury,” Westergaard said. “I can’t think of a more fitting phrase.”

After lodging a citizen complaint, the collision report was not changed. Davis police maintain their investigation is accurate.

The chief issued this response:

“To the extent the Davis Police Department and its officers contributed to the trauma of the collision, we’re sorry, and we offered to Mrs. Westergaard an opportunity to meet with officers to talk about that.”

The Westergaards say they declined the offer because it was made nearly a year after the collision.

“I don’t want to be a victim,” Deb Westergaard said.

“She’s a really strong person, and it’s humbling,” Rob Westergaard said.

A violent crash, and a battle with her police department. Now a race of 26 miles.

“It is not just another race,” Deb Westergaard said.

The journey this marathon runner’s faced has no measure.

Comments (2)
  1. I no longer respect the police.

    1. Kevin Lee says:

      As she was NOT at fault, as she was IN THE CROSSWALK.

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