SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego police received 164 guns during a no-questions-asked gun buyback event that proved so popular that officers ran out of the gift cards they gave in exchange for weapons.

Capt. Alberto Leos says $25,000 worth of Walmart gift cards were given out during the buyback Saturday in the department’s Southern Division.

He tells the Union-Tribune that officers had to turn away people hoping to exchange weapons for gift cards.

The newspaper says police handed out $150 in gift cards for every handgun or rifle turned in. Assault weapons netted $250 worth of the cards.

Leos said this weekend’s haul was bigger than a similar event hosted a few months back, which he said drew just 47 unwanted weapons.

Comments (7)
  1. What A tragedy scamming people taking their guns very messed up anti 2nd amendment.

  2. how many of these guns were in good operating condition…thats good money for junk and the poliiticos can brag it up…

  3. Walter Lane says:

    Great way for a criminal to get rid of a gun that has been used in a crime. Whoops! There goes the evidence! Truly an idiotic concept.

    1. Actually, Walter, each one of these firearms will likely go through a ballistics check to check for any involvement in a crime.

      1. Walt Vanhorn says:

        No , just a scam. Trade your gun to a friend for 150 bucks and they will put you in jail. Take a murder weapon to a “no questions asked” and get paid.

  4. Wow, these people are bad at math and finances considering you could sell any of them in about an hour for about 3-4x as much.

  5. Mark Farris says:

    How many of these “guns” are real firearms and not some rusty old shotgun that isn’t even worth it as a wall decoration? More importantly how many of these weapons were turned in by criminals that were ready to give up their ways and become Christian Camp Councilors and not just some civilian that is ok with being a victim?

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