SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police are working a homicide after a man’s body was found along a levee near Norwood and Fairbanks early Sunday morning. Police say the man died of an apparent gunshot wound. A passer-by they say first discovered the body and called it in around 7:20 Sunday morning, but further details are few.

“There’s no suspect information at this time and no weapons were located on scene,” said Detective Eddie Macaulay.

Those who knew the victim say he was homeless and were upset with the fact that the body remained visible and uncovered until just before 5 p.m. Sunday evening as crime scene investigators processed the scene.  A friend who asked not to be identified says the victim may have been in some trouble the night before, but didn’t know what it was about and who may have been after him.

“He was knocking on people’s doors trying to get in, but nobody would let him in,” she said.  Others say he use to hang around a nearby park and had a noticeable personality, but can’t imagine who would want to do him any harm.

“He was kind of rambunctious, but he was a homeless person, so whatever happened to him shouldn’t have happened. As far as I know he was an all right person,” said Wes Ledford.


Police are withholding the man’s identity until they’re able to track down family members.


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