By Macy Jenkins

AUBURN (CBS13) — Investigators in Placer County are searching for a missing Sacramento woman. Her car was found abandoned in Auburn near Covey Road early Sunday morning.

“Some of her belongings were left inside the car,” said Sgt. Nelson Resendes, Placer County Sheriff’s Office. “It looks like she left without signaling for help.”

Search and rescue teams have been looking for signs of missing 33-year-old Yin Wong for nearly two days. They’ve focused their efforts on a one-mile-wide area of the east slope of the American River canyon. It’s a heavily wooded and dark area.

“I was shocked!” said Nick Sluse, who lives in the neighborhood. “It was kind of heartwarming realizing that people are actually looking this hard for this woman that no one in this area knew anything about.”

Investigators with Placer County Sheriff’s Office got a call from a neighbor around 11 a.m. Sunday. A Toyota Camry was parked near a ridge of the American River canyon.

Wong is described as 5 feet tall and about 150 pounds, and she was last seen wearing a blue-striped top and a skirt.

Resendes says Wong last spoke to her boyfriend in Sacramento on Saturday. Then, police got a call saying they saw Wong at New Airport Road and Highway 49 around 11:20 a.m. on Sunday.

“Well at three in the morning, I heard a bunch of noise,” said Cheryl Harrison, who lives in the area.

Those sounds led her to look out of her window and towards the street early Sunday morning.

“I saw lights, and I saw them turning, and I thought someone had turned and walked away,” she explained. “But when the lights when off, I figured they had gone home.”

Now, 60 search and rescue personnel are searching for signs of Wong on the ground and in the air.

“You could not see your hand in front of you last night,” Harrison said. “It was that dark out!”

The darkness led investigators to believe Wong may have been disoriented driving in the area.

“At nighttime, it’s almost impossible to see anything,” Sluse said.

Investigators will continue the search on Tuesday at first light. Sgt. Resendes told CBS13 they don’t have any reason to believe she is not in the area and they do not believe there was any foul play.


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