SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Several robberies around Sacramento County have law enforcement reminding the public to keep their eyes peeled during the holiday shopping season.

Just a few weeks ago, a woman was shot with a BB gun and robbed in a parking lot on Stockton Boulevard. Sacramento police are now looking for the suspects.

Saturday night, a man was robbed near Arden Fair Mall; the suspect also got away.

Arden Fair Mall was bustling with holiday shoppers Sunday, some were more alert than others.

“We like to find the closest parking to the doors, and we also we come with family — I never come out alone,” said Stephanie Paredes.

Paredes is always on her toes during the holidays.

“I like to keep these purses, they are safer and more secure,” Paredes added.

She carries a cross-body bag, hoping to make herself less appealing to purse-snatchers.  Some shoppers like Mikka Miyoshi take holiday shopping safety to another level.

“I don’t bring my bag, my wallet, I keep my money on me or my card,” Miyoshi said.

Miyoshi says she tries to stay under the radar when she does her holiday shopping.

She often goes to the mall with her cousin who is also a cautious shopper.

“If I have a lot of bags, I drop off some of them in my car then go back in, so I won’t be walking out with an abundance of bags like ‘hey, come get me!’” Miyoshi’s cousin said.

But some shoppers aren’t as vigilant.

A woman was robbed by two other women on Stockton Boulevard as she was walking to her car on the night of Nov. 14. On Saturday, an elderly man was robbed of his brand new cell phone near the mall, just moments after walking out of a cell phone store.

“Sometimes there’s an increase in robberies and purse snatches because a lot of people shopping at that time,” said Officer Linda Matthew with the Sacramento Police Department.

Sacramento police have ramped up patrols around the mall for the holidays, and they have some advice:

“Don’t carry a large amount of cash in your purse, have a friend go with you if you’re shopping at night, and just carry one ATM or credit card,” Matthew warned.

One holiday shopper is breaking all the rules.

“I don’t think twice about it, I don’t hesitate at all to come alone — I’m very aware of my surroundings, I walk fast,” said Jane Brown.

Brown says she hopes to keep her track record of shopping solo incident-free.

“I just take that risk that it’s not gonna happen to me,” Brown said.

Sacramento police are also warning the public to be extra careful when meeting up with Simone to sell or exchange items.