By Macy Jenkins

AUBRUN (CBS 13) – The search for a missing Sacramento woman has come to an end, four days after her car was found abandoned.

Investigators with Placer County Sheriff’s Office believe they have found the body of 33-year-old Yin Wong.

“It probably has to be her. I mean, who else is going to be out there?” said Santino Zamora, Wong’s husband.

Search and rescue teams from across the region showed up to assist, including the National Guard. They’ve been working together, scouring the American River Canyon for any sign of Wong.

“I just don’t understand why she would be out there,” Zamora said. “I don’t know what. Obviously, she was disordered.”

Zamora met Wong 17 years ago, in 2000, when she was a student at UC Riverside.

“She came up, and we went to city college and then we both transferred over to UC Davis,” he recounted.

The couple married and had three children together, now 6, 8 and 9.

“She was supposed to be watching the kids, and instead she goes and disappeared like this,” Zamora said.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office got a call Sunday morning about an abandoned car near Covey Road. Wong’s shoes and phone were on the ground near the car, while her purse was about 200 feet away from the car.

After four days of searching the rugged terrain, investigators found a woman’s body Wednesday at 12:45 p.m., about a mile away from Wong’s car.

“We’re fairly confident that it is the missing person, but we haven’t been able to positively I.D. her yet,” said Sgt. Ty Conners, the incident commander with Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office posted this on their Facebook page on Wednesday regarding the search:

“Today, we are grateful to have assistance from the following counties: Nevada, Amador, Monterey, Marin, BAMRU (Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit,) El Dorado, and Yuba. Many of those counties sent their mountain rescue teams, which, like Placer’s, is a highly trained team of rescuers who tackle rugged terrain. We have scoured the canyon ridge area near her car, and are attempting to go over every inch of the rocky canyon.”

Zamora told CBS13 his wife had no ties to Auburn.

“I don’t know what was going through her mind being out here,” he said.

He said that lately Wong had been having delusions about people trying to get her.

“She must have just kept on running from whatever demons or whatever possessed her,” he said, with tears in his eyes.

His challenge now is figuring out what to tell the children about what happened to their mother.

“She was sick, but she loved them,” he said.

Investigators say they need to wait until the autopsy is done to positively identify the body and to determine a cause of death. And, as they said two days ago, there are no signs of foul play.


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