By Dave Bender

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Night 3 of the 12 Daves of Christmas featured a big, bold display from a Sacramento homeowner.

Tony Levy’s lights are even brighter this year on Eagleson Court, and for a good reason.

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“I actually am legally blind. I have macular degeneration, so I don’t see very well at all,” he said. “As a result, I continue to add more and more lights, so that the effect is greater on me. Even though everybody else gets to see this ‘wow’ effect, I get the ‘oh, OK, cool.’ So I add more and more, so I get a  chance to get that effect everyone else does.”

He estimates it takes about 100 hours to put up the massive display, starting when the Halloween decorations come down.

“I get to see all the neighborhood kids come by and run through the lights and play and scream and have a good time, and it really makes me feel like I’m experiencing these lights that same way,” he said.

As far as the planning, he says it’s all in his head.

“I end up doing like an Einstein experiment where I do a mental envision of what it’s going to look like and lay it out in my head, then go ahead and put it out on the lawn put it out in the yard and hopefully it looks exactly like what I think how it’s going to look in my head,” he said.