RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) —A carjacking suspect was taken down by police, but not before several harrowing moments. He’s accused of putting a gun to a driver’s head and telling the driver to get moving.

“Wow, I would be scared,” said one man living in a Rancho Cordova neighborhood where the chase for a carjacking suspect came to an end.

“…Certainly a bizarre set of circumstances,” said Shaun Hampton with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Hampton says Carl Gaylemoore, 29, carjacked someone near Mather Field road and put a gun to the driver’s head.

“That is a very difficult situation to be in,” said Hampton. “You certainly have a right to defend yourself.”

Officers in the area saw the vehicle run a stop sign. That minor infraction may have saved the driver’s life. Police chased the car into a nearby neighborhood.

The driver took a hard turn and sliced through Lisa Alexander’s yard.

“They caught the bad guys,” said Alexander with a smile, “that’s the main thing.”

Police followed Gaylemoore to a dead end where he dropped the gun, left the car, and hopped a fence headed towards Highway 50.

“We were concerned that there was a possibility that the passenger (Gaylemoore) may try to carjack someone or take somebody else’s vehicle,” said Hampton.

“I would be very fearful,” said Eileen Kim.

Gaylemoore ran through her yard, and she witnessed the aftermath.

“There was this young guy handcuffed, and there was cops,” said Kim.

It’s not clear what led to the carjacking, but it was a broken law in front of observant police that brought it all to a safe ending.


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