By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento’s building boom is giving the local job market a boost as city officials voted unanimously to approve two-dozen new positions.

They’re expected to help streamline the building process.

It’s a process some builders consider a labor of love

“I love it, all the way to the bank,” said builder Tim Leake.

But he doesn’t make his big bucks in the woodshop. He builds homes. Expensive ones.

“If on a good year we’re close to $3 million on gross – this year we’re 2.5 somewhere in there. Which is a lot of work,” he said.

And Leake’s work is just one piece in a citywide building boom.

City officials estimate there will be a record $1.8 billion in new construction next year. From new homes to office buildings, the city plans to issue tens of thousands of new building permits.

“The Bay Area is coming in. They’re getting more bang for their buck here in Sacramento,” said Leake.

But there’s a problem.

“We just don’t simply have enough staff to keep up with all the work,” said City Councilman Steve Hansen.

That’s where city hall comes in.

The Sacramento City Council called a special session to approve 24 new employees, from building inspectors to planners.

Officials are counting on the new hires to speed up new development.

“That is awesome,” said Leake.

Not just for Leake. He says consumers will cash in too.

“It’s simple economics in that if you have more houses available for people, then you’re going to drop rates to be more competitive,” he said.

A city spokeswoman says the positions will most likely be posted in 2018.

Anyone with experience can apply here.



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