CBS Local — An Uber customer got a severe case of “sticker shock” after he was presented with a bill for $14,393.14 after a 20-minute drive through Toronto.

The incredible amount, which comes out to 18,518.50 in Canadian dollars, was posted to social media by the rider who goes by “votethehish” on Instagram. The unlucky passenger’s shocking bill was then shared by his friends on Twitter, where the outrage grew even further. To add insult to injury, Uber reportedly refused to refund the rider at first and said the price for the Dec. 8 ride across town was legitimate.

The ride hailing service eventually admitted they made a mistake and refunded the customer for the trip.

“There was an error and we have provided a full refund. We sincerely apologize to this rider for his experience,” an Uber spokesperson wrote in an email, obtained by the The Washington Post.

Normally, a ride at peak time in Toronto would have cost between $12 and $16.

It’s not the first time an Uber ride got more than they bargained for after reaching their destination. Last year, a woman was billed $640 for a 30-minute ride to a Reagan National Airport in Virginia. That ride usually costs about $50.