CBS Local — Police in Philadelphia have corralled a cow on the loose for the second time Thursday morning.

The bovine that goes by the fitting name “Stormy” is currently in custody after police apprehended it at a parking garage in the Old City section of Philadelphia.

The cow originally had to be moved from the southbound lanes of I-95 in Philadelphia around 2 a.m. ET, after it escaped from a live nativity scene.

Police managed to corral the animal, but Stormy then managed to escape the nativity scene again.

“I’m really surprised!” said local resident Bobbie Turner.

Stormy the cow is originally from the Manatawna Farms in Roxborough, Pennsylvania, but has been at the live nativity scene at the Old First Reformed United Church of Christ in Philadelphia for about a week.

Rev. Michael Caine says they will be reviewing surveillance video to figure out exactly how the cow got loose from this locked and gated area.

“We think someone opened it; we don’t know why,” he said.

Shortly after settling back in, the cow may have pushed against the fence, escaping for a second time, and moving slowly down the streets of Philadelphia.

“She goes wherever she wants, at that point. She heads down 4th, trotting, and I’m like, ‘Oh God, we’re headed to Market [Street],’” Caine said.

Officers eventually led the bold bovine into the enclosed garage and brought her back to the manger; a place that’s well-suited for her needs, according to Scott Moser, who works with livestock and is the agriculture mechanic at a high school in the area.

“She’s very content, very comfortable, she has her needs met, she has water, she has hay all the time,” Moser said.

Luckily, there are no reported injuries to the cow or people – and no damage to any objects.

“I wasn’t trained in seminary for lassoing cows. Being a pastor can be difficult but I’ve never done this one before,” Caine said. “I’m a city boy, not a farmer.”

Caine also praised the quick action of officers.

“The city services have just been great,” he said.

Church leaders will decide whether to send the cow back home. But for now, there is a peaceful ending to an utterly eventful morning.

[H/T CBS Philly]