CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — There are some things only Santa Claus is meant to do.

Citrus Heights police say Jesse Berube, 32 of Rocklin, learned that lesson the hard way.

The burglary suspect tried to get into a business through a chimney, but it was a couple of sizes too small.

Trapped in the chimney, Berube was lacking options for a clean getaway. While we caution against trying to commit burglary, especially through a chimney, Berube was smart enough to bring his cellphone and was able to call 911.

img 2172 151217063727 Burglary Suspect Calls 911 After Getting Stuck In Chimney

Ho-ho-ho, that’s a tight squeeze! (source: Citrus Heights Police Department)

There aren’t many good reasons for someone to be stuck in the chimney of a business, and police say Berube didn’t have one. He was arrested on suspicion of burglary, blackened nose and all.


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