By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The National Weather Service has issued red flag warnings for much of Northern California this weekend.

The high fire danger here this weekend comes as firefighters in Southern California are already battling massive flames.

The lights and front lawn displays may say Christmas, but this holiday in California, ‘tis the season for wildfires.

“You just get a little concerned something could get out of control,” West Sacramento’s Ryan Wood said.

Wood has been watching the forecast.

“Well it’s definitely very scary, after what happened in Napa and now seeing it down in Southern California, definitely very aware,” Wood said.

The National Weather Service has Red flag warnings across wide sections of California, from as far south as San Diego, north to the Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto regions.

Outdoor burning or any activity that could spark a fire is not recommended.

“It’s super crazy, but I mean supposedly seasons are changing, seasons are getting longer,” West Sacramento’s Danielle Bettencourt said. “It’s all something we need to be cautious of.”

Inside California’s Office of Emergency Services nerve center, emergency workers are monitoring weather conditions minute-by-minute. They are working on staging fire crews, which have come in from out of state.

“We are drawing upon that mutual-aid system and trying to get people pre-positioned as much as possible,” Cal OES spokesman Bryan May said.

The warnings for this weekend, be ready.

“We just want people to realize that if evacuation orders come in, they could be as little as ten minutes,” May said. “Like what Santa Rosa got back in October. You need to be prepared ahead of time.”

The holiday season may now be here now. But California’s fire season has never left.


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