SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – A long-time marijuana activist whose activities date to the 1960s counter-culture has been arrested in California toting what authorities say was 22 pounds of illegal marijuana.

Trinity County prosecutors said Wednesday that 70-year-old Irvin Dana Beal of New York and 51-year-old James Statzer of Michigan were arrested Saturday after their rental car was spotted weaving and driving well below the speed limit.

A dog smelled marijuana and the pair was busted along a well-traveled highway in California’s famed Emerald Triangle area, known for its high-grade pot.

Recreational sales of marijuana become legal in California on Jan. 1, but it’s still illegal to transport large quantities of the drug.

Both men are pleading not guilty. Their attorney, Tom Ballanco, says Beal has been promoting marijuana’s medical benefits for decades.

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  1. John Penley says:

    DA Coleen Murrry said the marijuana Beal was allegedly transporting was worth four times more in New York than California. Dana never sold medical marijuana to clients at commercial prices. Dana has provided medical marijuana for Veterans especially Vietnam Era Veterans for free or at low cost for years. I am a Vietnam era Vet and he did this for me and other Veterans I referred to him. Dana never sold his medical marijuana at commercial prices for profit. Most of his clients were people with low incomes especially Aids patients. Personally, I am a former US Navy air traffic controller with severe PTSD and back pain and Dana helped me for years and he gave me more medical marijuana for free then any I paid him money for.

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