PARLIER (CBS13) – Officers from a Central California police department rushed into a burning garage and saved two puppies.

The incident happened Tuesday morning in the Fresno County city of Parlier.

Parlier police say officers got to the home around 8:30 a.m. and immediately saw black smoke coming from the garage. A panicked young woman then ran up to them, telling the officers that her dogs were trapped in the burning garage.

parlier police rescue 3 Central California Police Officers Rescue Puppies From Burning Garage

Officers getting the puppies to safety. (Credit: Parlier Police)

The officers jumped into action. With one officer holding the garage door open, another officer ran into the garage, grabbed a kennel with two puppies inside and dragged it to safety.

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of officers and firefighters, a third dog trapped inside the garage fell victim to the fire.

parlier police rescue 1 Central California Police Officers Rescue Puppies From Burning Garage

The two rescued puppies. (Credit: Parlier Police)


The danger was not over yet, however, as propane tanks began to go off and escalate the fire. Officers worked fast to check homes next door and get other propane tanks out of the fire’s path.

In the end, crews were able to get the fire under control. No people were hurt in the fire and the home’s Christmas tree was also saved.


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