CBS Local — A Texas homeowner is getting back at a real life “Grinch” by turning the crook into the main attraction of his family’s Christmas light display.

Around 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve, Ken Lamkin’s security cameras at his San Antonio home caught the thief unplugging and stealing a fog machine and inflatable reindeer display.

“He was so slow and methodical, that’s what reminded us of the story of the Grinch,” Lamkin told KENS-TV.

Instead of spending Christmas with an empty front lawn, Lamkin decided to publicly embarrass the robber as part of his new holiday decor.

“We ran over and made some black and white pictures and mounted them on some cardboard, and this is what you have: our new Grinch-themed Christmas.”

The San Antonio resident didn’t stop there. Lamkin also set up a projector to continuously play a recording of the man stealing the 16-foot-long display.

“It doesn’t only show that we know who you are, but it is also to show that you can’t take our Christmas,” the homeowner added.

Mr. Lamkin told reporters he hopes the thief realizes that he failed to steal his family’s Christmas spirit and hopes he’ll have the same revelation Dr. Seuss’s Grinch had.

“Maybe your heart can grow 10 sizes today-and you can go around and return the stuff you took.”