FORESTHILL (CBS13) – Deputies in Placer County were led on a slow-speed chase along Interstate 80 last week by an elderly man with memory issues.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office says a concerned citizen contacted them last week after noticing an apparently confused driver on I-80. The disoriented driver was first spotted near Foresthill and was headed towards Auburn.

A deputy soon spotted the reported driver driving erratically on I-80. The deputy tried to get the elderly man to pull over, but he kept on driving down the freeway at around 40-50 mph.

The driver continued down the freeway, ignoring deputies’ PA announcements and commands as they drove up next to him.

Finally, California Highway Patrol came in and performed a maneuver that boxed the man’s car between their patrol cars, slowly and safely stopping him.

Once stopped, authorities discovered that the man’s driver’s license had been suspended. He was soon taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Deputies say a friend of the man’s picked up an elderly dog who was riding with him in the car.

The identity of the man who led deputies has not been released.


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