CBS Local — A convicted deer poacher has received a very unique prison sentence in Texas. The man, who pleaded guilty to poaching a white-tailed deer in October, will spend every weekend of hunting season in jail for the next five years.

John Walker Drinnon of Whitesboro was found guilty of killing the 19-point buck while trespassing on private property. The 34-year-old reportedly used a rifle to kill the deer in the archery-only region of Grayson County, which makes the crime a state felony.

Judge Jim Fallon’s unique punishment will keep the deer poacher behind bars each weekend from November through January, according to the state’s hunting schedule. The 15th District Court judge also slapped Drinnon with an $18,048.10 fine; the estimated value of the buck.

Fallon added that the 34-year-old is not allowed to purchase a hunting license during his five-year probation. According to some hunting and outdoor gaming publications, Texas is one of the country’s top destinations for legal hunting of white-tailed deer.